It’s been a crazy week this week. I had so much work to do, but I also got to enjoy a lot of blessings. First off, we had an earthquake early in the week. I was still at work and was enjoying some snacks with my colleagues when we felt the tremor. I won’t lie, it was a bit scary. I guess it’s because of the recent quakes in the Pacific region, specifically New Zealand and Japan. The devastation in these areas was just horrific. However, after a moment of fear, I also remembered God’s promise in Psalm 46. It calmed me down and gave me peace that whatever happens, I shouldn’t be afraid because God is my refuge and strength, an ever present help in times of trouble. I am grateful that the earthquake was short and weak. No one got hurt, there was no damage.

This week, I also had my second session with a personal trainer at the gym. I realized I like it. With a trainer, I am less shy to step into a gym full of strangers, I feel less self-conscious from all the exercises, and best of all, I am pushed to move more. I have decided this is the ONLY way for me to sustain my workout, and even if I have to pay a bit more, I feel good that I am actually spending for something that will benefit me physically, for something that will help me achieve my health and fitness goals.  I also met with a nutritionist and learned more about how the body burns calories. It helped me better understand how a proper diet can complement my efforts at working out. I am thankful for this knowledge and of course, the financial resources that allow me to pursue my fitness goals.

On Thursday, we had a Photography Club meeting and as usual, it’s great to see everyone. We had the meeting at McDonald’s so it’s less formal than usual. We also had a lot of side discussions and we started a monthly “contest”. We listed down our plans for the year as well as discussed how we will recruit members. I am so excited with this new development and I am looking forward to our subsequent meetings. I am truly grateful for this group not just for the photography bit, but specially for the new friends I’ve made in the past year.

I’m getting the hang of my new camera and lens. Thankfully, there is no factory defect. I thank the Lord for friends who pointed me to the right direction on where to buy. I got a really good deal and now enjoying my “upgraded” equipment.

A lot of people at work have been sick lately. I had my share of cough and cold in the previous weeks, but I am thankful that it’s all over. I’m glad it has not recurred even if there are sick people around me. I’m thankful for the physical strength, specially for Ariel who has been working late this past week. My mom’s been sick as well but she has gotten better. So I am also thankful for the Lord’s healing hands upon my family and for keeping my dad from getting sick as well.

Happy weekend!

Written by Alby Laran

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