It’s our 143rd monthsary today (counting from the time we got engaged)! One month shy of our 10th wedding anniv. I am thankful for the many months we celebrated together. I am thankful for our dinner date tonight. And I am thankful for the gift we got today. An answered prayer. Which brings brings me to the next item on my gratitude list.

SO EXCITED! On Thursday, exactly one week since we filed our application for UK Visa, we got a message that our papers have been released and sent by courier. Of course we didn’t know whether our Visa application has been approved. So I was a nervous wreck as Friday approached. Thank God it was a YES!!! UK here we come! I can only trust the Lord for our Schengen Visa application. Our appointment is on April 4 and we’re supposed to leave by April 16th. It’s going to be tight, but I know that God can work wonders according to His perfect will.

This week, I also took an important step towards achieving my fitness goals. I joined a gym and started working out. I thank the Lord for the resources that allowed me to make this decision. Ariel, of course, has free access to a state of the art gym facility in his workplace. I thank the Lord for our jobs that allow us this privilege.

We had our Bible Study last Thursday. We looked at the relationship of and conflict between Jacob and Esau. I thank God for the fellowship, learning and sharing within our group. We have grown from the first meeting and are joined by many of our colleagues. I thank the Lord for Barry who continues to lead us.

We also had a Photography Club meeting on Wednesday night. We’ve set our mission and vision for the group and we also chose our interim officers. I am so blessed to be part of this group which not only allows me to grow in my craft, but also provides me with a venue to grow spiritually through fellowship with other Christians.

I am also thankful that we’ve found good homes for all four of our puppies. It was hard to let them all go but it’s just impractical to keep them. So we’re happy to share them with other families who are looking for pets to love.

Happy weekend!

Written by Alby Laran

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