On February 19, my cousins came over to celebrate our uncle’s 91st birthday. I asked my cousin Jo-Ann to come early so I could practice shooting with her family as my model. I didn’t like posed shots so I just let Jana roam around and play with the puppies while I follow along with my camera.

Jana playing with our puppy Lucy

I realized how hard it is to shoot an active 2-yr old. Jana just won’t stay put long enough for me to manage a reasonable composition. Sometimes, I need to take a second shot but Jana would be running off again.

My attempt at creative cropping – I’m bummed that I cut off their feet. 

Jana and dad Alfred walking to see the puppies

Good thing we have puppies because they’re the only things that will make Jana sit down and stay put for a few seconds.

Love this shot of Jana with our pup Bosley

I submitted this for our class assignment – on composition.
This is the cropped version, I took out just a bit to exclude a small
cement block in the lower left portion.
Not happy with the focus but this is the only shot where
 I successfully included both mom and dad.
Happy Jana going into the den

After Nompe’s party, the rest of my cousins came to our house so I had more chance to shoot.

2nd Gen cousins with our four pups.
L-R: Nathan with Lucy, Riley with Bosley, Gail with Drew, Nirel with Cameron

Riley busy playing with his Gameboy

Moms Jo-Ann and Richel with their kiddos – we were watching Hachiko

After watching the movie, I went out to attempt shooting the older kids. The sun was almost out so I cranked up my ISO and got these super noisy and out of focus shots. Oh well.

Gail, Nathan and Nirel playing soccer at the garden

More soccer shots

Riley joined in the game – had to convert to B/W as this is super noisy

Thanks for looking!

Written by Alby Laran

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