Last December 29, 2010, I had the privilege of hosting the Christmas Party for my SVCF batchmates (it’s my Christian org back in college).  I haven’t seen most of them in a long time, so I was very excited. I’ll let the photos tell the story.

Kitchen Goddess – preparing the roast chicken

The early birds – Candy and Jay were the first to arrive, then the QC guys
l-r: Candy, Ann, Tina, Mylene, Aldwin (partly hidden)
While we were busy chatting inside, this was happening outside
The girls
The buffet – soup, rice, beef with snow peas, rellenong bangus, roast chicken
Candy, Jay and Tina
Just before the white elephant
After dinner coffee, before the crazy white elephant exchange gift
The craziness has begun
Checking out the gifts – Di was checking out if the cactus was real.
It took a while for all of us to finally agree that yes, it’s fake.
This one ended up with Ariel – a skin care product that “relieves horniness” – whatever that means!
Packing up
Anika with mommy My
Preparing for the group pic
The group pic
Wacky shot
These two hit it off – kudos to Jake (right) for engaging the usually quiet Jay (left)

I had so much fun! Can’t wait for the next one.

Special thanks to my hubby Ariel for taking the photos so I can be part of the fun.

Written by Alby Laran

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