I’m thankful for the Saturday breakfast surprise for Ariel. I invited a few of his friends for breakfast over at our house. Ariel was supposed to wake up late as usual and come downstairs to be surprised by his friends. Well, it didn’t turn out as planned, but it was still a good surprise. He was very happy. I was very happy, too! I thank God for good friends who are willing to wake up early on a Saturday morning and drive all the way to Kawit, Cavite to give Ariel a little smile on his birthday (well, day after his birthday). Thank God for the wonderful breakfast, the happy conversations, and for the very relaxing Saturday morning.

In the evening, we went to Kuya Romel’s wake. I was really sad to see him lying there in the coffin. I still can’t believe that he is gone. But as I posted previously, I take comfort in the knowledge that he is happy in the arms of God and we will see him again some day. I thank God for that assurance, for the gift of eternal life through His Son Jesus Christ. I am thankful for this last opportunity to say our goodbyes, and to provide a little bit of comfort to his family. On Feb. 2, he was laid to rest. We were not able to come due to our work commitments. I just said my silent goodbye and whispered a prayer for his family, and sent Jet a text message. Again, thank you Lord for the privilege of having Kuya Romel in our lives.

On Feb. 2, my mom celebrated her 71st birthday. Yes, she is 71! I can’t believe it! She looks so much younger. I am thankful for my mom’s health. I am thankful for her life that she so unselfishly shared with her family and her Church. I am thankful for the sacrifices that she has made for me, my brother and my dad. She truly exemplifies her role as “ilaw ng tahanan”. I love you mommy, and I thank God everyday for you.

This week, I have also started the “journey to a healthier me”. Inspired by the Southbeach Diet – which is not really a short term, weight loss diet, but a long term lifestyle of healthy eating, I’ve prepared a healthy meal plan. I’m currently avoiding red meat (no pork and beef, so far) and fried dishes. I’ve used oil for my omelets and sauteed veggies, but nothing deep fried. So far so good. It was a difficult start (hello migraine!) but my body eventually got used to it. This is part of my goal to have a healthier mind, body and spirit this year. Thank you Lord for supportive friends and family, and for the resources to avail (and afford) healthier food choices.

We also got a few furniture pieces for our house. They were cheap – got them from the Sta. Rosa road going to Tagaytay. We had a bit of difficulty with the carpenter we chose but it all worked out well. We now have a new book shelf for our bedroom – to accommodate our growing collection of books, and a small console cabinet for the space across our front door. Thank you Lord for providing the resources for these items. I believe our house is slowly but surely becoming our dream home.

Finally, thank you Lord for being with us every single day of the week. Thank you Lord for the safe drive everyday to work. Thank you for colleagues who are a delight to work with and who make coming to work everyday a pleasant experience. Thank you for all these and more.

Happy weekend everyone!

Written by Alby Laran

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