The highlight of this week is probably our 141st monthsary last January 18. It’s also a countdown of sorts to our 10th wedding anniv in April. So anyway, I am deeply grateful for the many months that Ariel and I have been together. I feel so blessed to have someone to tuck me in to bed every night, to kiss me goodbye every morning as we go to work, to prepare coffee for on weekends, to go out on dates with regularly, to enjoy a movie or TV show with on Friday nights, to exchange wedding rings with every morning, to cook food for, to exchange funny and mushy text messages with everyday, to be silly with, to wipe away my tears when I’m watching a sappy movie, to watch a sappy movie with, to get mad at for getting home later than promised, to reprimand for not eating enough veggies, to travel and discover new places with, to pray for me when I am sick, to console when feeling down, to feel impatient with for taking too long to finish reading a book, to hug everyday, to hold hands with, to pray with. You are all these and more, honey. And I thank God for you, and for us.

I am also thankful for last weekend’s birthday celebration of my sister-in-law (Ariel’s brother’s wife) and nephew (Ariel’s brother’s son). It was great to see everyone having fun at the pool. We had so much food including a huge lechon. I cooked pansit in the afternoon and brought it to our village clubhouse for everyone to enjoy. I thank God for my brother in law who is now home for a vacation (he works in Dubai) and is able to spend time with his family. I am also privileged to see the strong bond between Ariel and his brothers. I could see how happy Ariel is to spend time with them when they are home (the other brother is based in the UK). I thank God that even if they are based abroad, they are able to take time off every year and spend time here with us.

I am thankful that the Photography Club was able to meet last Sunday, albeit very briefly. We shared some ideas on what do do this year and we are all looking forward to our first outing this February. I thank the Lord for the leadership of Rein and the guidance of Ptr. Raymund to make sure that our group remains active. It’s just wonderful to have friends who not only share my interest in photography, but also share my faith and who can provide much needed support. Most of all, I am thankful that Ariel decided to join the core group, through the gentle prodding of Ptr. Raymund. This is one thing we can do together in the Church. What a blessing!

It’s been two seeks since I started my day to day personal Bible Study. I’ve re-started The Purpose Driven Life and already, I am learning a lot! I’ve had a lot of realizations and revelations, and hopefully, these will really impact my life. I thank the Lord for everything He is teaching me. I really hope to keep this up. Right now, I do it as soon as I get home. I have a personal rule of not opening my laptop until I am done with my quiet time. It works for me! I’ve also started my daily Bible reading (on top of the Bible Study) to achieve my goal of reading the Bible cover to cover. I have already finished reading Genesis and has started on Exodus. I enjoyed it a lot! It’s so much fun to read the stories of Creation, Adam and Eve, Noah’s Ark, Abraham, Joseph (the dreamer), etc. I am reminded of the small details that I have forgotten over the years. I am reminded how much I loved Joseph’s story, and last Wednesday, I cried buckets of tears reading about it again. It’s also quite a shock to read about the action and scandals. I’ve forgotten about them! Just goes to show, the Bible is one interesting read! It’s got romance, action, suspense, sex scandals, history, and a whole lot of life-changing lessons.

Finally, I am thankful that Ariel’s surgery went well this morning. It was a minor surgery but surgery nonetheless. I thank the Lord for watching over him and his surgeon during the procedure. The service in the Medical Center Manila was very good. The hospital was clean. The staff was efficient and very accommodating. All in all, it was a pleasant hospital experience. Thank you Lord for our jobs and our health benefits that provide for medical expenses such as this. Praying that the biopsy results will be good, and that Ariel will recover well.

Happy weekend!

Written by Alby Laran

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