…have a deeper relationship with the Lord
…pray more
…spend more time studying God’s Word
…read the Bible cover to cover (if I can get through dragging storylines of senseless novels, this should be easy)
…be part of a care group or Bible Study group
…travel to a new place
…get pregnant, or at least do what is necessary to get pregnant (the rest I leave up to God)
…try at least one new recipe each month (paella is on top of the list – I already bought a paellera)
…move more and be more consistent with exercise (still figuring this out)
…eat wisely (I wanted to say “eat less” but that doesn’t mean it’s healthy eating)
…save more
…pursue a long-term dream
…learn to be a better photographer, shoot more!
…scrap at least 52 layouts
…take my parents out on dates
…send handmade cards to friends on their birthdays
…use my sewing machine often enough (how often is often enough?)
…be a more diligent blogger (new post once a week?)
…read classics – read my childhood faves again (Dickens!), Austen, and some other boring stuff
…edit ALL my backlog photos (Cambodia, Vietnam, Singapore, Dumaguete – this will be VERY tough!)
…do my annual physical exam (haven’t done so in 5 years!)
…visit the dentist regularly (or as Doc Cheryl would say – sana maka-graduate ako this year!)
…do my Sonnomammogram on schedule
…take better care of my physical health
…do my reimbursements regularly (I’m so lazy!)
…de-clutter quarterly (this will be tough!!!)
…tidy up my work station (my table is a HUGE mess!) and keep it that way for a year – or at least clean it up periodically (lumulusot pa rin) – I cleaned my room at the start of the year, so I just need to keep it this way

What are your plans for 2011?

Written by Alby Laran

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