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I got to help out at the My Little Attic-Scrapbooks Hawaii sale. You know how I love scrapbooking. Everything about it. Even if i had to sit beside a table, with a pen, list down someone else’s shopping cart contents, and issue a receipt. It was a load of fun!
Ariel and I went shopping for house stuff – decorations to spruce up our home. Not all of them are Christmas decors. A lot of them are year-round items. I don’t know why we don’t do it often. Maybe it’s the holiday rush pumping in our veins. We enjoyed it a lot! And we both can’t wait to get home this weekend to start unloading the shopping bags (yep, they are in the back of the car for the whole week and the car smells like cinnamon – from the scented candles). Thank you Lord for the blessings!
Early Monday morning, Samantha, our Jap Spitz, gave birth to four little pups. While we were disappointed that we weren’t there to witness the birth, we are happy to have four healthy puppies. Sam really had a hard time and could barely get up for a few days. I was happy to see up and about when I got home this evening, and we were both happy to see each other. She is just the sweetest dog.
The week had been relatively light for me, workwise – a far cry from the last very frantic two weeks. Thank you Lord for breathers like this. And Wednesday, I attended a sales meeting with our Bottler. I was called up on stage for the Q and A. Yay! Haven’t been in front of that big an audience in a long time. My heart was thumping wildly against my chest and I thought my knees would buckle. Thank God only one question was directed at me, and I think I answered it well.
The light work load this week was perfect because then I was able to attend to my Photography Club duties. I am happy to have met up with some of the core team to discuss the exhibit on Sunday. We will display the photos taken during the anniversary. I will take care of putting them up – Scrapbooking style! I am just too happy for the opportunity to use my favorite hobbies – Scrapbooking and Photography – for Church work. The creativity is a gift from our God and I’m glad He provides a way for me to give back.
Tonight is our corporate Christmas Party and I am not attending – 3rd year in a row (last year I was on a business trip abroad, and the year before, I just didn’t go and got reprimanded for it) . I never really feel at home attending large gatherings like that, unless it’s a wedding or a family affair. So, I am thankful that this year, my boss and her boss are totally cool about me missing the party. I didn’t have to think of an excuse for not attending.
And because it’s our Christmas Party tonight, I thought I’d share a photo taken 4 years ago during our corporate Christmas party. In our company, we can bring our “plus one” for the corporate party. Ariel tagged along. I think I managed to bring him 2 out of the 3 times I attended.

Written by Alby Laran

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