The Holiday Thinking Inking class of Jennifer McGuire has come to an end. I really enjoyed her videos. Very informative. And best of all, for most of the projects, I already have all the materials in my scrap room. If you missed it, here are the eight videos.

Now, off to some interior design inspiration. We are planning to do a bit of a room makeover next year. I’ve been living in our Mandaluyong condo unit for eleven and a half (11.5) years and I have not done any home improvement project ever since. At the very least, the whole unit needs a fresh coat of paint. I also want to change some (if not all) of the furnishings. If the budget does not allow for a total makeover, we at least want to work on our bedroom.

I love everything in this line up. It’s the Top 10 Most Beautiful Bedroom Interior Designs 2009 after all. But these are my favorites:

This makes me feel like I’m in a spa.

I love the homey feel of this bedroom.

Love the minimalist look. So relaxing.

I love the colors here. Reminds me of the ocean. [Source]

Love the sunny and the outdoorsy feel. Love the color scheme! [Source]

I love the storage/cabinetry here. Lots of space for our clutter. :) [Source]
Loving the nice shade of green here. [Source]

Love the blue and white room here. So clean and calming. Sorry I can’t post the photo.

That’s it for now. Will share more bedroom ideas in the future. Hopefully, we can start on the makeover early next year.

Written by Alby Laran

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