I just thought I’d share this wonderful free class from Jessica Sprague. In the past couple of years, I’ve taken quite a few free classes offered at her website. I enjoyed all of them and found them to be useful and easy to follow. Because of my experience with the free classes, I’ve enrolled in the paid classes as well. The most recent is the Blog Design Basics for Blogger which I enjoyed a lot and I have immediately put to good use. It is responsible for the look of my new blog. If I can manage it, I’d like to switch to seasonal blog designs. Hopefully, next year. I am just waiting for a new class on advanced blog design and I will definitely enroll. Anyway, back to the free class. It’s called Inspiration Everywhere.

As the class title implies, this class is all about finding inspiration in things we see and experience on a daily basis. This is not just for scrapbookers or digital designers. As the poster says “All Crafters & Creative Souls Welcome!” There still is time to enroll so go ahead and join this class. You’ll love it, I promise.

On the photography front, I really, REALLY, really want to enroll in Karen Russell’s The Photographer’s Workshop. This is because, and I’ve mentioned it often enough in this blog, I really, REALLY, really LOVE her photography. Her photos look so natural, fresh, candid, very real. Only “problem” is that her workshop costs US$395. Yes it sounds very expensive for an online photography class. BUT this fee covers EIGHT WEEKS (length is actually nine weeks but there is a one-week intermission) worth of lessons, weekend assignments, discussions and photo critique – course outline HERE. So, it is actually a good investment, specially since I do want photography to be a bigger part of my life in the next couple of years. Because it is an online class, I can take the lessons at my own convenient time. All assignments are posted on weekends so I can easily do them without interfering with my work. Also, with no time constraints, all questions will be answered or discussed in the forums unlike in classroom sessions where time is always very limited. Her students have very good reviews for her class so I’m pretty sure it’s going to be great. The next challenge is that her class got sold out within minutes of registration opening. And you have to be in the waitlist to even register. So, I missed the November 1 registration for the January class. The next class will be in April and registration is in February. I really hope and pray that I will be able to get a slot in the next run. I already signed up for the wait list. Now, I have to remind myself to register in February – and make sure I have saved enough money for it.

Finally, I leave you with this cutiepie. This is almost 2-yr old Sophia, daughter of a colleauge. Took this photo during the Halloween event in the office. I love taking photos of kids (if only they’d sit still for a second!)! All the more reason for me to take Karen Russell’s class!

Written by Alby Laran

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