This would be two weeks worth of thank yous. The past 2 weeks had been awesome and I just can’t let them go by without expressing my gratitude.

First off, I mentioned we went out of town with Ariel’s family. I thank the Lord for the opportunity to relax, refresh and recharge. I didn’t hit the water since I do not want to aggravate my cough and colds but I had a wonderful time enjoying the pause from work. On the way back, Ariel and I drove through Tagaytay and the scenery along Talisay, Batangas is just awesome. It’s too pretty that I didn’t want to take photos. Does that make sense? Well, I wanted to see the view with my own two eyes, and not through the lens. So I decided that it was not time to shoot. Instead, it was time to see and appreciate the beauty of God’s creation. I’d love to take that route again, if only to see the view, and take photos next time.
My mom’s youngest sister who also happens to be my ninang, Nora, and her whole family came over for All Saint’s Day. That’s my uncle and ninong Juanito, Ate Ezel (with hubby Gary and daughter Gail), Ate Mylee (with hubby Nonie and twin boys Nirel and Nathan), Jo-Ann (with hubby Alfred and daughter Jana), Jojo (with wife Richelle and son Riley), plus a couple of helpers and yayas joined me, my brother Emman (with wife Ems), my mom and dad, our little “sis” Aiza, and our own helpers = a huge, noisy, fun family gathering. Thank God I didn’t have to cook lunch. Ha! My cousins took care of that. I did prepare the pasta and toasted sourdough bread for early dinner. It was a riot! And I enjoyed every minute.
I had dinner with friends Grace and Gen on Wednesday night. It was a night of chatter and girl bonding. I’m glad I lasted til past 10pm as I normally would sign off at 9. As Gen puts it, hindi ako nagpakalola.
I had a blast last Saturday during Visual Creations’ mixed media class. I learned a lot from Cabbie and Ime who taught us to use some art mediums. I also gained ideas for my future venture. It was so tiring, but well worth it.
Sunday was Word for the World’s 30th anniversary celebration at the PICC. I am grateful for the opportunity to use my photography hobby to take part in this event. I am even more grateful that Ariel and I both got involved. It was very exhausting since we had to be there very early, and we roamed around a lot. It was also a great experience worshiping with thousands of Christians in one location and really feeling God’s presence in our midst. Thank you Lord for the experience.
I am also grateful for the uneventful business trip to Cebu and Davao. I spent two days with my colleague, Mavel. All our flights left on time and arrived earlier than schedule. It was exhausting but we accomplished a lot in the two days that we are out of town.
On Wednesday, we had our Bible Study in the office. We dubbed it “The Master’s Lunch”. It was a venue for us to feed both our body and spirit. Barry shared with us how to be an effective leader using Nehemiah as an example. I loved how relevant and practical our topics are. As always, Barry came very much prepared for our discussion. Thank God for using Barry to reach out to us in the office. We are also grateful to have a newcomer for this session. Saul joined us and even brought two boxes of Crispy Cremes! We are also thankful to Mavel who satisfied our physical hunger by preparing super yummy chicken adobo for lunch and matamis na saba for dessert. I am really looking forward to our next sessions and I pray that this will continue and that our group will grow in number.
Got me a new pair of black shoes. Thank you Lord for the resources that allow me to buy the things I need and want.
Thank God for the safe drive to and from Tagaytay City. I attended the wedding of colleagues Eugene and Lace. It was a beautiful wedding and I am happy to be part of the celebration. Thank God for the great weather! It rained in Manila early in the afternoon but the weather in Tagaytay was perfect.

Written by Alby Laran

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