After Church last October 24, Ariel and I headed off to our 7:30pm appointment at The Spa for a 75-minute hilot massage. After a relaxing massage and getting out fix of their ginger tea, we decided to go some place for dinner. I initially wanted to eat at Phoa while Ariel wanted to eat at Piadinna, but both were already closed by the time we got out of The Spa. Ariel suggested Yakimix which we both haven’t tried yet so we drove to Macapagal Ave. which is on the way home to Cavite and made a pit stop at Yakimix.

Ariel enjoying his shushi and salad

We both didn’t know what to expect in terms of food and prices but we decided to give it a go. First thing I noticed is the huge crowd of people. I didn’t expect it to be packed with customers at 9:30pm. We were ushered into a booth with couches and a table with a smokeless grill at the center. We were told to start getting food. I first went around to check out the offerings and observe how others do it. There are five  sections – the sushi and salad bar, the cooked food selection, soup section, dessert station, and the raw food station.

I first hit the sushi and salad bar and dumped slices of salmon sashimi on my plate. I also got the kani and cucumber salad, and a few pieces of maki. It was pretty good, but don’t expect the same quality as fine dining Japanese restaurants.

My first pick – salmon sashimi, kani salad, maki

The interiors – it was a crowded Sunday night

I skipped the cooked food (tempura, rice, garlic and pepper spareribs, sweet and sour meat or fish – can’t say for sure, and a few other dishes), and went straight to the raw food for grilling. There were all sorts of meats and seafood in different types of marinades. There was an abundance of beef, pork, chicken, bacon wrapped around mushrooms, bacon wrapped around asparagus, etc., barbecue (meat pieces on stick),  cold cuts, cuttlefish, squid, shrimp, thinly sliced salmon, scallops, and a lot more. I picked a sample of meat in a “safe-looking” marinade (none of the weird looking sauces).

For Ariel – rice, noodles and roasted pork from the cooked food section

My pick from the raw food section, clockwise from top-left: scallops, some kind of chorizo, shrimp, cuttlefish, salmon, beef 1, beef 2, bacon-sliced pork, bacon-wrapped mushrooms, chicken

The smokeless grill and our meat selection

Went for a second helping of these thinly sliced salmon, grilled it for a minute only – so soft and creamy, and so very yummy!

Didn’t really check out the dessert section save for some ice cream. Ariel got this ube and mango combination topped with chocolate sprinkles and mini marshmallows

The soup station which we skipped; to the right is the raw food section
We had no idea how much our dinner would cost. It’s not Kimpura or Sugi, but the selection was pretty good and the food was satisfying. I took a deep breath and looked at our bill. P580 each for the buffet. No service charge. Not bad at all. Will definitely come back.
Overhead lighting

I had dinner at Yakimix Greenbelt earlier this evening with good friends Gen and Grace. I found out that the rate is P499 for lunch, Monday to Friday excluding holidays. Dinners, weekends and holidays cost P580 each. Bottomless drinks are P65 per person. The Greenbelt branch is bigger than in Macapagal but seafood is not as abundant (they were out of scallops!). I didn’t get a chance to scrutinize the interiors (whether it looks the same as in Macapagal) as we were seated near the entrance (a more quiet spot!) and I hardly went to the buffet table as Gen and Grace took care of selecting our food.

I forgot to mention – the dessert section sucks! Unless you like ice cream (they serve Selecta), don’t even bother. Just get coffee and dessert elsewhere. The three of us had tea (African Sunrise Tea Latte for me, Chai Latte for Gen, Chamomile tea for Grace) and one slice of cheesecake at Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf.

Written by Alby Laran

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