This week I am thankful for…
The beautiful weather
My first time to see a fun run
Waking up early on Sunday morning to see the fun run
Going to church together, a spa treatment after church, and dinner at Yakimix before heading home
Our shopping spree – 2 dresses and 1 top for me, 1 pair of basketball shoes, 1 gym shorts and 2 gym shirts for Ariel. I’ve discovered the secret to happy shopping. Buy everything for Ariel first. Then he will be only too happy to assist me in my quest for the perfect loot – he happily handed me dress after dress after dress, would go to the fitting room to tell me what he thinks, and, get this, push me to get two dresses instead of just one that was originally planned!
Time to do some creative work – finished a “me” layout
Movie time with Ariel – it’s been a long time since we last saw a movie in the theater
New episodes of Big Bang Theory and Criminal Minds – we really love these shows
My mom repairing an old top which I love – she still does these things for me
My mom taking a fairly new pair of sandals to the shoe repair shop – she still does these things for me, too!
The safe drive to Laiya Batangas. Got here at 10:30pm. So exhausted but happy to be in the company of the family. Looking forward to a fun weekend.

Written by Alby Laran

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