I celebrated my 35th birthday – thank you Lord for 35 wonderful years.

I had a wonderful time with my hubby in Tagaytay. Even if I was sick, we still enjoyed the day and was blessed to have lunch and dinner at Sonya’s and Antonio’s.

I felt so blessed to have received lots of warm greetings from family and friends.

I am thankful for all the cakes that were given to me by the Business Intelligence team, our research and ad agencies. I appreciate their thoughtfulness and despite the fact that I have sore throat and cough, I was able to sample all of the cakes and I enjoyed them a lot. I am also grateful for the opportunity to share the cakes with my colleagues as well as friends from our Photography Club.

I got a big surprise from a fellow scrapper (you know who you are) who sent me a generous pack of gorgeous scrapbooking supplies, AND (gasp!) a set of 12 glittery Spica pens. Truth be told, I have been lusting after those pens for a time now. The only thing keeping me from buying them is guilt – they cost a fortune and I feel I can better use my money somewhere else. It is definitely a luxury. So to get them as a gift is a huge blessing. Totally unexpected. So grateful.

I am also happy that I got to have dinner at home with Ariel almost every day this week. That means he didn’t have to stay too late at work. He also provided a much needed support for me when I am suffering physically from sore throat, cough and colds. His simple gesture of rubbing my back every time I cough is all the physical comfort I need during this time.

My colleagues, Aileen and Karen, gifted me with books for my birthday. I now have Kitchen Confidential by Anthony Bourdain and Three Cups of Tea by Greg Mortenson and David Oliver Relin (also here).On top of that, I still have a couple more books on my bedside table. That will keep me occupied for a long time. I love books and I am thankful that I have friends who love the kind of books I love. Saves me a lot of money from buying everything I want to read.

I am also thankful that my parents asked us to bring their car this week so we can have it serviced at the Toyota Service Center near Ariel’s office. That means I have a car to drive on our coding day without having to get up early or stay late in the office. 

We had our role sorts discussion last Tuesday and I am happy that our role questions were addressed. Hopefully, that will improve how we work together as a team and how we work with other teams.

Now I am looking forward to a relaxing weekend at home in Cavite. We’re also spending a bit of time with our family. Happy weekend!

Written by Alby Laran

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