As I get into my mid-30s, I start to think of what the future holds for me. Not that I worry about the future. I know God has great plans for me and I completely trust in His promise of a full life. But that doesn’t give me license to be complacent and lazy. As the saying goes, do your best and God will do the rest. So what does “doing your best” mean? Well, if I know, and God-willing, I want Arts and Crafts, AND Photography to be a bigger part of my life (not necessarily making a career out of it, but why not?), then I have to take the necessary steps to make sure I get to that destination. As far as photography is concerned, that means equipping myself with the necessary skills to progress in this craft. How do I equip myself? Lots of practice and (instructor-led) training. And I am off to a good start.

Last July, I enrolled in a one-day Basic Photography Workshop with Ross Capili. Although I already know a bit about photography, I still learned a lot from the session. In August, I enrolled in a one-day Photographic Flash Lighting Workshop with Carlo Claudio. Studio work is not something I am crazy about, but this workshop opened my eyes on the possibilities of flash photography. So, what kind of photography do I really want to pursue? I love to travel so it’s a given that I love shooting places of interest – architecture, landscape, culture. I also would love to learn how to take candid shots of people in their natural “habitat” and tell a story with those photos. One professional photographer that I have discovered recently and who does the kind of photography that I like is Gunther Deichmann.
His photos are breathtakingly vivid, colorful, dramatic and emotionally perfect. I checked out his website and each and every photo never fails to inspire.

He also offers photography workshops all throughout the year. I checked them out and was instantly transported into dreamland – wishing and dreaming that I could be part of his classes, specially those that are done in gorgeous locations. The Siem Reap class looks absolutely awesome but it would cost about US$2,000 including airfare. The 7-day Nepal workshop looks very interesting but I assume it would cost around that much.

Anyway, there is a local workshop to be conducted by Gunther Deichmann on October 8-9 called Essentials of Travel Photography. This is organized by the Word for the World Christian Fellowship Photography Club. Details are posted at the club’s blog.

At P1,500, I thought it is a steal, specially with an award-winning instructor whose images have graced international publications including Time Magazine. I thought it would also be a good way for me to see how he works and see for myself if his style of teaching is something that fits my needs.

Registration and briefing happens on October 8. October 9 promises to be a long and tiring day (just like his international workshops – as noted in his website) but I do expect to come out of it with more knowledge and insights into taking better travel photos.

Moreover, the workshop is partly sponsored by Power Mac Center and they promised to give away some exciting prizes to participants with the best photos. Rumor has it that there is an iPod Nano involved. I also heard through the grapevine that Gunther will give away a copy (or copies?) of his coffee table book called Journey through Color and Time. I’ve had the privilege of previewing his (huge hardcover) book and it was inspiring. Pages and pages of jawdropping photographic perfection. It’s a compilation of over 300 pages containing images taken throughout his 30-year career, covering around 22 countries including the Philippines. Each page is just bursting with color. It made me appreciate the beautiful world our God created for us.

I am all the more excited because Ariel will join me on this workshop again, along with a couple of my friends. This will be fun! Can’t wait!

Written by Alby Laran

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