Following my friend Teejae’s example, I’d like to start writing about blessings for the week and share it with my blog readers. There are so many things to be thankful for and I know I cannot remember all of them. This is my way of thanking the Lord for the many blessings and sharing with everyone how awesome our God is. This is the first issue and I decided I’ll do it every Friday so that I can aptly title my post TGIF. :)

On top of my list – being safe on the road the whole week. After work, sometimes my mind is preoccupied with a lot of things. Challenges at work, things I need and want to do, what to prepare for dinner, should I go to the supermarket first or just drive straight home, etc. With these in mind, sometimes I am not 100% focused on driving, and I know that it is only by the grace of God that I am able to get home safely everyday. I’ve had close calls – a motorcycle that overtakes on my right side without me noticing, a pedestrian crossing the unlighted street as I drive home to Cavite, a jeepney cutting me, a taxi driver suddenly swerving to my lane, etc. Each time, I would come out of it without even a scratch on my fender. Same thing when hubby is driving.

I am thankful for my 365 Reloaded Group in Flickr. I actually started it together with my friend Euge. We take photos every week (not necessarily everyday) – 7 at least, to represent each day of the week. We have weekly themes and we are require to submit at least one of the seven photos to adhere to the theme. Because of the group, I had to force myself to take photos last Sunday and was able to capture beautiful shots of butteflies and other insects in our garden. I love how the photos turned out and looking at them makes me happy.

Ariel and I were able to eat healthy for the past 5 days. This is our joint journey to a healthier lifestyle. So far, we’ve been consistent. Ariel is struggling more because he loves snacking on junk foods. He was able to play basketball two times this week. I have yet to get back to my workout (I skipped this week) but I’m glad to get the meal plan in place.

Ariel and I celebrated our 136th monthsary last Aug. 18. Yes, we do “celebrate” monthly. Nothing fancy. We try to outdo each other on who will greet the other first. For the past two months, I’ve actually forgotten our monthsary (gasp!) and he greeted me first. This time, I made a mental note the night before and woke up early to be able to greet him first. We had a massage that night so we can both relax.

I had my breast ultrasound last Thursday. I am supposed to do it every 6 months but I have delayed by two months. I always dread doing it, not because I don’t like the procedure, but because I am afraid of what the results will be. The Makati Med Breast Clinic has a new machine and the new process hurts!!! I didn’t enjoy it at all, but I am glad that these tests are available to ensure my physical health. I am glad to be working for a company that offers health benefits that cover these tests. I didn’t have to shell out money for this. Now I just need to wait for the results and have a chat with my doctor.

Ariel and I had dinner with my good friend and colleague Karen with her family. I got to see Isabela again after 6 weeks. Last time we saw her she was only two days old.  I am thankful for the stories we shared and the plans we made for our future endeavors.

I am also very thankful for the Photography Club at our Church. We were organizing a workshop for tomorrow and in the process, I’ve made some new friends. We were able to share messages and work together (thanks to Facebook) even if we didn’t have to come together physically. We are expecting a great workshop tomorrow.

Ariel got a DSLR!!! I’m thankful that we can pursue photography together.

Thank God for Ariel’s safe trip to and from Bicol. He got home last Sunday and we were able to go to Church together.

After that, we had dinner at CPK in Greenbelt and we enjoyed our time together. After dinner, we went to Fully Booked for some book shopping and we picked up 4 books! Love it! We had coffee afterwards. I am really thankful for our Sunday night dates.

Thank you Lord for a wonderful week. Looking forward to another fruitful week.

Written by Alby Laran

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