On Saturday, April 10th, Ariel and I decided to go on a date around our home town of Kawit, Cavite. Our plan was to revisit an old hangout – Island Cove – to play bowling. That was actually our first date back in January 1999. Back then, we used to play bowling a lot. We thought it would be fun to play again after a long time. We were sad to know that the bowling lanes have now been converted into a ballroom. So we just decided to hang out at the Fishing Village, have snacks, share drinks and just enjoy each other’s company.
We picked a table by the river bank with a view of the floating huts. There were very few guests at that time so it was generally quiet. We could hear the constant chirping of the birds, and a gentle breeze caressed our skin. After about 2 hours or so, we decided to head off to the Aguinaldo Shrine, but not before snapping some photos of the fishing village.
Floating Hut
This is cottage 18 – our wedding date
Hanging Bridge
The pedestrian bridge at the entrance of Island Cove
We were disappointed to discover that the shrine closes at 4 pm so we missed it by almost 2 hours. Nonetheless, I thought it was a great opportunity to take photos of the exterior of the shrine, as well as the plaza in front. There were lots of people in the plaza, mostly local kids playing around, chaperoned by either parents or grandparents. After a while, a group of young adults came, each with a DSLR on hand, so I figured that they also want to take photos of this historical site. Ariel took a quick nap while I went around taking photos.
This statue of Gen. Emilio Aguinaldo greets visitors from the parking area into the shrine
Our history books tell us that this is the balcony where our independence was first proclaimed and the Philippine flag first hoisted
Ang mama sa plaza
Ariel took a nap while I snapped some photos
Aguinaldo Shrine
We waited til nightfall to take this shot
Souvenir Photo
The prerequisite souvenir shot
It was already past 7 pm when we got home. Our helpers were not yet back from their day off and we didn’t have a key so I just walked around to take photos. Then we went into our bahay kubo and hung out with our dogs.
Written by Alby Laran

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