This week had been so stressful for me. Everyday left me so exhausted at night, and longing for more sleep in the morning. It was too hectic that on this day, for the first time in 128 monts, I forgot our monthsary. I left the house early to catch an 8am meeting. At 10am, Ariel texted me to greet me a happy 128th monthsary. Crap!

Some people might find it cheesy to celebrate monthsaries. Or maybe they are just turned off with the term. But how else should we call it? Anyway, we don’t make a huge production out of it. There are months when one or both of us would have a gift for the other. But most of the time, we just go out on a date – have dinner, watch a movie, get a massage, etc. Tonight we went out to dinner (at Pazzo), shared a plate of pasta and a pizza, and then went home and watched 2 episodes of Glee.

Happy 128th monthsary honey!

Written by Alby Laran

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