Ariel is out of town today til Wednesday. :( I did a bit of book shopping for my cousins, nephews and nieces. Since I was all alone, I had to carry the heavy books from Greenbelt 4 (Powerbooks) to Greenbelt 1 where I parked. Anyway, since I bought a lot of books, I got my Powerbooks Planner after just a few visits to the store. This one’s a keeper. I love the content – although the exterior can still be improved. The faux leather cover looks exactly like that – faux leather. I wish it looked a bit more authentic.

Today, I got the shock of my life. It’s Christmas next week!!! Gasp! Where did time go? I’m still all stressed out with all the requirements I have to fill before the Christmas break. Not to mention that I am not even halfway done with Christmas shopping. Why does this happen year after year after year? Sigh.

So, do you know what you’ll ask Santa for Christmas? I haven’t made up my mind. I want the Singer Sewing Machine but the model I prefer is out of stock. So I’m thinking maybe a couple of lighting equipment for photography. But I also like Jessica Sprague’s new class on Adobe Illustrator. So difficult to choose! Help!

Sweet dreams everyone!

Written by Alby Laran

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