Earlier today, I had a sudden feeling of homesickness, it almost made me cry. I think I just got to a point where I am too physically and mentally exhausted that I have become emotional. Not to mention that I got my period yesterday – thankfully, both light and painless. I texted Ariel right away and told hime I really, really miss him. That’s when my eyes started to tear up a bit. Good thing no one noticed.

Anyway, the workshop is over. It had been a fun three days. I would say this is the most fun workshop I’ve had since I joined Coke. The set up is very light and informal, and the facilitators kept emphasizing playfulness as a key element in creativity. Think feather boas and funky shades all over the training room. No tables, no powerpoint shows, lots of colorful pens, and a lot of pointless energizers. Nonetheless, it’s a lot of hard work, and it left us really exhausted physicall and mentally.

We finished a bit early today, so by 4pm, I, my boss Agnes, and a colleague from China (a guy!) headed off to the mall for a quick shopping spree. I really didn’t get to buy much – just a little trat for myself and a surprise pasalubong for hubby.

We were back by 6:30pm (1.5 hours are spent on the road roundtrip) which left us about an hour to freshen up a bit before our Italian dinner – the best meal I’ve had in this hotel.

Signing off to continue packing. Will take a warm soak in a bit.

Can’t wait to get home!!!

Written by Alby Laran

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