Yesterday, I bought some bath products from Harnn and last night, I took a quick warm soak where I tried the bath salts I purchased. I was tired and a warm bath was all I need to sooth my aching muscles before I go to bed. It was amazing. Love the Asian smell!

Anyway, I had about 5 hours of sleep and I had a very hectic day. I just got back to the hotel 10 minutes ago from fieldwork! So tired! But it has been a fun day too! We – with my 3 groupmates – had an amazing dinner in a Thai restaurant (can’t pronounce or spell the name!) and we ate with the owner’s son and a guy who was a fashion stylist for local movies.
We also got to interview a radio DJ of a local radio show on location in their radio booth, the Marketing Manager of MTV Thailand, and another DJ in a top rating radio station. And just when our energy levels are about to drop to zero, we rode in the tuktuk to get back to the hotel and we were treated to an exhilirating ride! The four of us (one local, one from China and one from Australia) squeezed into one tuktuk and our driver drove like a maniac in the highway (we were probably doing at least 60kph – we were passing by a lot of cars!) and we hung on for dear life. We were all laughing the whole time but in truth, I was terrified! Nothing like a brush with death to awaken every cell in my body.

Lots of food shots for my DD album. 😀

Fun day! But exhausting! Off to another soak tonight.

Written by Alby Laran

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