Another one of those hectic days – seems to be the norm this past few weeks. I’m leaving for Thailand Tuesday next week so I’m tryign to do as much as I can at work to prepare for my absence. I kinda dread the trip since I know I will have to attend to work in between sessions (I’m attending a training session) which means I might have to work in the evening. Sigh. But as my friends say…keep the eye on the prize. Just a few more days of this craziness and it will be Christmas break soon.

So, off to the good stuff. After the stressful day, I went to The Spa for a massage. I have a gift check that expired Dec. 5! It’s a good thing I decided to check the date just the night before! And even better that the Greenbelt branch can accommodate me. I also decided to get a mani and pedi at The Spa so I don’t have to transfer to Piandre after the massage. Anyway, bad decision since The Spa’s mani and pedi services really SUCK big time! On the other hand, the massage was heavenly! And since it’s the main reason for my pit stop, I guess I’m pretty satisfied. But I’m never going back for nail treatments ever! Piandre is still the number one salon for all my beauty needs. LOL!

Hopefully, I’ll manage a more Christmasy entry by tomorrow. 😀

Written by Alby Laran

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