It’s almost weekend! How time flies. I don’t know if I want it to go faster or for it to slow down a bit. Anyway, it’s December 3 and I still have nothing “Christmasy” for my December Dailies. We don’t have any Christmas decor here in Mandaluyong. It’s just not practical to decorate to houses. And besides, hubby has been busy in the past week and will continue to be busy til end of next week. It’s that time of the year and he’s been working really hard. Next week, I’ll be off to Bangkok and will be out from Tuesday to Saturday. Sigh.

So today was pretty routine. Got stressed a bit as I needed to rush some stuff before driving to Quezon City. I had lunch at 3:30pm. We finished at 6:30pm and I found myself driving to Helen’s to pick up my stamp pre-orders. Yey! That’s about it for today.

It’s funny how in the past 3 days, my high moments had something to do with scrapbooking.

Can’t wait for tomorrow. Tomorrow, I get to sleep in our home in Cavite. I’m always more relaxed over there, in the suburbs, away from the noise of the city. Maybe I’ll get some cheese and we can open a bottle of red wine and watch Flash Forward. We’ll see.

Written by Alby Laran

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