My day started fabulously (is there such a word?)! My first stop – the Mandaluyong Post Office. I went to pick up my Studio Calico November box. I usually come early to avoid long lines. Another advantage of coming early is being spared the scrutiny of the custom’s guy who might charge me a fortune on customs taxes. You see, the PO officially opens at 8am but the parcel window lady usually arrives 10-15 minutes early and would entertain me right away. In the past months, she would hand me my box saying that next time, if the customs person is there, my box will be opened and I will be taxed accordingly. Anyway, today, I was early as usual. Lo and behold, I was surprised when a guy asked for my permission to open the box. Turns out he was the customs guy. I
watched him scrutinize the contents and it was funny to see his reaction when he saw a pack of papers, 2 spools of twine, some clear stamps and a butterfly punch. He seemed puzzled, maybe amused, too. He turned to the parcel lady and gave his thumbs up. No tax! I just paid the usual P35 postal fee. How’s that for a great start of the day?!

After that, it was pretty much routine. Only, I didn’t have to spend it in our Makati office. Instead, I drove all the way to Quezon City for a full day fieldwork. Boring stuff.

So there, that’s pretty much my day. So now I’m off to editing photos. I took photos of my niece’s birthday party last Saturday. I was the impromptu photographer, and the craft teacher. There’s always a first time! So maybe I’ll include a photo in my day 2 DD entry.

Happy week ahead!

Written by Alby Laran

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