I bought a few colors of Paint Dabbers about a year or so ago. Didn’t like it. Didn’t work like I expected. I thought I got a bad batch since the paint was too dry to possibly seep through the foam cover. I never used paint dabbers again. Even after a few friends advised me to store them upside down.

Until I saw Jennifer McGuire use it in one of her tutorial videos. Not sure if watching her videos helped at all. I learned a lot…but it also made me want to have it all. Yup, I wanted to buy every single product she used in her 2-month Thinking Inking class. Including the Paint Dabbers.

So, when I went to Singapore and accidentally found myself in one of the dark corners of Made With Love (I swear I had no idea how I got there!), I picked up a few colors of Paint Dabbers. I opened and used them yesterday as I started working on a mini album. LOVE it! I used it on raw chipboard and I love the velvety texture it leaves. I also love that I I just have to dab the paint on the surface. No mess. No rinsing required. After I’m done, I just put the cap back on and I’m done!

I’m happy I gave the Paint Dabber a 2nd chance.

Written by Alby Laran

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