I just unearthed these old photos from Ariel’s hard drive and realized that I didn’t have prints of these photos. It was a memorable trip for us as this was only the second time that Ariel and I drove to Baguio together, the first time was the day after our wedding and we stayed only for two nights before we left for our honeymoon in Palawan.

Anyway, we were supposed to go with my family. However, typhoon Reming was supposed to hit the country and my parents, brother and his then fiance was afraid to take the trip and backed out at the last minute. We just recovered from the Milenyo flooding and we were also apprehensive to leave.
However, by 5am on November 30th, Manila still had very clear skies. Ariel and I decided to wait it til mid morning. By 9am, there was still no sign of the typhoon so we decided to drive up north. We figured if the typhoon catches us, we can stop and spend the night somewhere. Anyway, we got to Baguio mid afternoon and the weather was great. We later found out that Reming hit Bicol and spared Manila and Cavite.

It was a very relaxing trip for us. I brought my beading supplies and just made little accessories and embellishments. Ariel and I stayed in the Coke Baguio House most of the time.

We went out a few times to have lunch and dinner. This was my favorite photo from the trip and it was taken at Cafe by the Ruins.

It was already very cold specially in the morning. We enjoyed waking up late and staying in most of the morning.

Ariel played the guitar while I made beaded embellishments.

We cooked rice and Spam for breakfast. We love eating at the breakfast nook.

On our third day, we went to Tam-Awan village.

We explored the hiking trail and worked up a sweat.

Then we relaxed at the Baguio house. That evening, when we plugged in the laptop, there was a loud pop and then all lights went off. Ariel grabbed the flashlight (thankfully, we bought one on our way to Baguio) and told me to stay put as he would go down to look for the circuit breaker. Scenes from horror movies flashed in my mind. So I told Ariel he’s not leaving me alone in the room. I went down with him and located the circuit breaker. Within minutes, the lights were back on again.

We took photos of ourselves. This was back when we relied solely on our P & S for photos. Most of the shots were grainy, but I love them all.

We also got in touch with Eric and invited him and his mom over for dinner. We ordered pizza and just enjoyed a quiet dinner at the house.

On our way home, we stopped by Isdaan in Gerona, Tarlac for lunch. No nice photos from there, only fond memories.

Overall, a fun trip. We were both glad we decided to push through with it.

Written by Alby Laran

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