And I’m still blogging! I’m still awake. And hyper. And not sleepy at all!

Earlier this evening, I met up with Cookie, Lee and Nina for dinner. It was our last hurrah with Cookie, as she is leaving for Australia this Sunday. We enjoyed a sumptuous dinner at Mesa in Greenbelt 5, followed by coffee and dessert at Seattle’s Best. Our decision to go for Seattle’s Best was based on the fact that they have two lovely iMacs available for use with a P250 purchase. What do we need the iMac for? Well, Lee couldn’t wait to see the Idol entries. And so, we all stood there and gaped at the stunning entries this round.

Anyway, we had a good chat. Time passed really quickly and without realizing it, it was 10:30pm and domestic duties were beckoning us to come home.

Normally, when I go out with friends, I would be dead tired by 9pm. I would be itching to get home to sleep. So, I realized one thing tonight. When I am with fellow scrappers, and we talk about anything and everything about scrapping, I can go on all night without getting tired. It’s not like we talked about new stuff. In fact, some of the things we talked about are the exact same things we discussed in each and every gathering we had in the past few months. And we still talked about it with the same fervor as if they were fresh news.

And so we bid dear Cookie farewell as she takes on a new adventure in the land down under. We will surely miss her.

Written by Alby Laran

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