I got to work briefly on my fabric album today. I finished one back to back non-fabric page and primed my cover. That leaves one more fabric page which will not contain any photo. One side will be the home for my journaling about our anniv dinner. The other side which is also the very last page will just bear my signature, it is a masterpiece after all – I’m thinking of stamping something like “Limited Edition by _____”. We’ll see. Darn, have to work next Saturday.

I am still thinking of what to do with the cover. I’ve already primed it with gesso. It’s so much easier to use a palette knife rather than a brush. The gesso was applied more smoothly and more evenly than the pages where I used paint brush. Hmmm…maybe I can create a real painting using the palette knife. And I also fell in love with gel medium. I got introduced to gel medium in one of the Scrapfest demos by Iris Uy. She mixed it with acrylic to add texture to painted chipboards. It works just as well on canvas and I love it! I already have ideas. This fabric album really re-awakened my interest in painting.

Can’t wait to finish my project!

Written by Alby Laran

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