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How about the Thinking Inking class videos of Jennifer McGuire? You can check it out at her blog or the TwoPeas website. I’ve been applying her techniques to the fabric layout album I am working on. I’m far from done but I’m so loving the results. I am finally painting on canvas again! It’s been ages since I did that. In fact, I still have at least 5 blank canvases at home. Anyway, back to the Thinking Inking videos, my favorite is using the ink blending tool. I always ink the edges of my papers.
I do it in maybe 99% of my layouts. This technique and the blending tool really take my inking to the next level and I’m loving it. Because of that, I am finally using my Distress Inks, and ordered a few more colors from Studio Calico. I have a few colors already but now that I discovered a new use for it, a few more colors are in order.

The only thing I am not so hot about are the Paint Dabbers. I also have a few in my stash but they are al dry. I don’t know what to do with them. Any tips?

So that’s it for today! Happy Sunday everyone!

Written by Alby Laran

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