This is where I create beautiful works of art. It’s my space and it’s red – to inspire creativity. And I realized that since the makeover of my corner, I’ve actually created more layouts, mini-albums and other projects. I guess it’s also because my stuff are organized in a very user friendly way. It’s still work in progress, I constantly re-organize and fix it but it’s all part of the fun.

And this is the latest addition to my space. Ariel keeps bugging me about my chair – an old white monobloc chair with cushion. I was perfectly happy with it but he thought my new space deserves a better chair. Who am I to complain? So about a month ago, and a little over 6 months after my space makeover, we got this chair. I would have wanted a more colorful one but my space is already red so I thought black would provide a good contrast. And if I get bored with it, I can always cover it with cloth. I’m a scrapper for crying out loud. I can alter!

It’s got wheels so and it can rotate so I can easily move from one space to another (it’s not a big space, mind you) with ease. The chair itself and the armrests can be adjusted to my desired height so it provides maximum comfort. The backrest can be fixed into position or tilted down when I want to relax my back a bit.

The arms can also be folded down. I do this when I need to stand up frequently to wash my brushes in the adjacent bathroom.

This is my little treasure trove. This is where I work to preserve precious memories. This is my home spa where I unwind and wipe out the stress of a hectic workweek. Welcome to my playground!

Written by Alby Laran

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