I’m probably not the worst hoarder in the planet. Not even in the Philippines. But I hoard nonetheless.

Two weekends ago, I decided to clean up my space a bit and reorganized some of my supplies. I started with my inks. I realized that my current storage system is not working. I have a basket where all my stamping supplies are stored – inks, acrylic block, stamp cleaners. However, I’m having difficulty looking for the inks that I need since I couldn’t see all the colors right away. I had to take out some of the inks on top so I can see those underneath. So, I got out one of my unused toolboxes and decided to use it for my inks. Here it is now.

It’s not that I have too much inks. I just have too many browns! Oh well, I love browns. And I always ink the edges of my papers. Maybe 99% of the time. So this is one supply that is worth what I paid for. Well maybe except for the pinks and oranges. I don’t even know why I have those colors.

Next up, Alphas. I store my Alphas in two magazine boxes as shown below. I got those from the National Bookstore. I was surprised not because I have too many alphas – chipboards, die cuts, stickers, etc. – but that I have a lot of unused, unopened packs that go way back. Not only that, but I also have more than one pack of my “favorites”. Take for instance the mini alpha stickers from Making Memories. I have those in all colors available. And I have 3 packs each of white and black. Another favorite is the Scenic Route alpha stickers. Again I have all sorts of colors and I have 4 whites, 3 reds, 2 greens, 2 blacks. I also have those MM shimmery mini alphas. And the Thickers of course! Anyway, I organized them by color and my biggest collection are the whites and browns/beiges/neutrals.

Finally, I decided to clean my clear stamps. I have them hanging on my clip it up and they’ve been gathering dust since I don’t have a cover for my Clip It Up. I decided to take all of them out of the CIU and wipe them clean. Here is my mess.

I have far too many stamps! My faves are Fontwerks, Hero Arts, Basic Grey and Inkadinkado. Fancy Pants and Autumn Leaves have beautiful designs but the quality is not as good as the others. The worst are the Gel-A-Tins. I’ve already torn a few pieces and not after using them for a while. The torn pieces are all brand new! Too bad because I love their designs!

I also have a lot of those small stamps. A lot of them are still unused. Sigh. Here they are, all clean and ready to gather dust again.

So, what scrap supplies are you hoarding?

Written by Alby Laran

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