Booking flights through PAL’s website, that is! The seat sale is supposed to be good for two days and I’ve been trying to book since yesterday! I lost sleep over this! I booked during office hours, late at night, very early in the morning. All futile attempts!

I hate to say this but booking Cebu Pacific flights is way easier! The thing is, I still prefer to fly PAL. It’s a lot more comfortable. But I’ve experienced booking PAL online, by phone, and through the ticketing office. Each time had been a grueling experience. The most convenient way to book PAL is through a travel agent. Not fair! Sigh.

This trip would have been a treat for my entire family. My parents, brother and Sister-in-Law could really use a few days break.

Anyway, I prayed about it and I know that if it’s God’s will for us to take this trip in September, we’ll get the best deal. It’s still several months away and a lot of things can happen. With the swine flu crisis in South America, we might actually be better off not traveling. Oh well, I’m trying to console myself here.

Ok, I didn’t entirely give up. After lunch, I tried again, just for kicks. Then I got through until the credit card details. Now I panicked! You see, I listened to the news about Swine Flu on the way to work and I got scared. So, I seriously thought we shouldn’t go anywhere until the flu is contained. So with the pressure of rushing through the billing page (otherwise the page will expire), I had to think if I should go ahead with the booking. I did. And I really feel good about it! Yahoo!

Written by Alby Laran

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