MyScrapworks was my first scrapbooking community. I was a hermit scrapbooker until I joined Scrapmeet organized by the MyScrapworks team. There I met Mabelle and the rest is history. I started writing for the monthly column Photo Rx. We used to meet regularly to share a bit of scrapbooking news, swap layouts, eat, etc.

I miss the website. I was really so blessed to be part of it. I thought we did a pretty good job coming up with great articles, useful tips and tricks, interesting interviews with celebrity scrappers (Valerie Salmon, Leah Fung, Anna Cabrera, etc.).

I miss the girls – Mabelle, Anj, Carrie, Airees and Lala. Sigh.

And I miss Scrapmeet! I think it was the best scrapbooking event ever. Sigh again. I was able to attend two. I missed the third one because I was in Malaysia that time. Too bad, because it was then that I was part of the organizers.

Oh well. Life goes on.

Written by Alby Laran

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