It’s our 119th monthsary and it’s time to try something new.

This time, it’s Mamou at Serendra. We were supposed to eat at Gaudi yet again when my colleague E suggested Mamou. He said the steak is very good and we must try the baked mashed potatoes. Well, I ditched the potatoes given my dietary requirements so Ariel ate my portion as well as his. I ordered salad instead. So here’s the steak which Ariel and I shared.

After dinner, we went to Tea and Therapy for, well, tea of course. And dessert for Ariel. The menu describes the benefits of each tea concoction.

We opted for the German Wild Lover (Pure Pleasure) which I’ve tried before and loved. Ariel ordered a slice of Sans Rival (his all time favorite dessert) for a sweet ending to our dinner date.

The teapot and two small cups. I want that teapot!

WE just relaxed a bit and read travel mags.

We’re thinking of subscribing to this mag.

And Ariel admired the modern interiors featured in Design magazine.

Lovely, lovely night.

Written by Alby Laran

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