We don’t really celebrate Valentine’s day. Each day of the week has been created by the God of Love so why should February 14 be any different?

So, tomorrow, instead of a romantic dinner for two, Ariel and I will take a road trip to Pampanga with colleague and good friend Karen, her hubby Ian, and daughter Yana. We will have a sumptuous lunch at C Italian Dining (dinner’s already fully booked!), do a bit of shopping, check in at Holiday Inn Mimosa, dinner at Zapata’s (hopefully!) and enjoy the Hot Air Balloon Festival.

Anything special planned tomorrow? Sure. We will cuddle in bed in the morning, a few minutes before getting up. We will greet each other “good morning” with a kiss. We will exchange wedding rings with a kiss. We will hold hands and give each other lots of hugs. We will exchange “I Love You” text messages. Ariel will tuck me to bed. We will kiss each other “good night”. Plus many other small “love rituals” we’ve been doing every day we are together since the day we got married. And on days we are apart, we still keep the love alive with the help of technology.

So go tell your spouse you love him/her tomorrow. And every single day after.

Written by Alby Laran

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