Today is New Year’s eve and Ho Chi Minh is decorated in colorful flowers, lights, balloons and lots of people line the streets. Ariel and I finished our tour for the day and are now resting for a few hours. We will walk towards Saigon River at around 10pm to join the Tet festivities until midnight. There will be fireworks by the river.

It’s a great time to be here as the atmosphere is very festive. The downside is that all shops are closed so we were not able to buy any souvenirs.Some shops will be closed until the 28th!

Tomorrow, Ariel and I will just relax and walk around the area. Our hotel is just across Notre Dame Cathedral and the Post Office. I want to take photos at sunrise. However, it’s probably an activity I will be doing on my own as Ariel doesn’t want to wake up early after several days of waking up before sunrise in Siem Reap. Tomorrow will be the first morning he will be waking up late since we left Manila! I’m just a bit wary here. It feels a lot safer to go around in Siem Reap than here in HCM (we’ve been ripped off by cab drivers 2x already so we decided to just walk to whereever from this point on!). I’ll see tomorrow. It’s just across our hotel and very much visible from our hotel room.

While Ariel and I have been enjoying our vacation, I can’t wait to get back home! I’m so looking forward to sleeping on my own bed on Tuesday!!! Plus I have a surprise waiting for Ariel when we get back. So excited!
Oh, I need to have my ankle checked back in Manila. It’s still a bit sore.

Written by Alby Laran

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