We’ve had the most amazing 2 days in Siem Reap so far. Ariel and I just go tback from exploring he country side in an All-Terrain Vehicle and it was awesome. We visited a local orphanage and caught the kids in class (they have English, Chinese and Japanese language classes) and then later at recess. We had a great time interacting with them despite the fact that they are not yet very good in English. I asked one kid “how old are you?” and he said “I’m fine thank you. And you?” Of course I said “Im fine, too!” It took us more than three hours to traverse thorugh almost 50kms of dirt road. Needless to say, every inch of my body, clothing, bag, is thick with red dust. Such a small price to pay for an awesome experience. Ariel had a wonderful time and I could see how much he relished driving the ATV. Will give more details when I blog about our trip.

I thank God that all things worked out. We had a few minor misadventures but everything fell into place.  I twisted my ankle yesterday when I stepped in gap on the floor and fell right in front of a statue of Buddha. One good thing about it is that no one else was around when it happened – just Ariel and our guide so di naman masyadong nakakahiya. I took Advil right after and managed to complete our tour with minor inconvenience (and still managed to climb the most challenging temples!). By evening, my ankle was swollen but a few minutes of painful massage might have helped as I woke up today without the swelling. My thigh muscles were aching though, from all the climbing (well, crawling up is more like it!) the previous day. Oh, and I just confirmed, I have a fear of heights. Well, maybe not exactly. It’s just that I have no problem climbing up the temples no matter how steep and tall they are. I get tired, sure. But I still manage to go up. Now, going down is a different matter altogether. I’d stnd there on the edge and freeze!!! Ariel and our guide Sophal would take my hand and help me take the first step or two and then I’ll make it on my own. I was just so terrified! So why still climb? I don’t know. Maybe it’s my pride, or my competitive nature. I just can’t go back home and say that I didn’t go up the temples. 😀

More details when we get home! Just took a bit of internet time to check our itinerary when we get back to Ho Chi Minh on Saturday.

Ok, I badly need a long shower and some heavy scrubbing. Oh, and I can’t wait for dinner. Khmer food is simple mouthwatering!

Written by Alby Laran

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