I can’t contain my excitement!
Remember my wishlist?
A camera bag – I actually liked the ShootSac. But it’s mainly for lenses. Karen Russell, a photographer-scrapper, blogged about it here and I liked the idea of interchangeable covers/flap. It’s kikay and I get to choose one that fits my mood for the day. It’s quite pricey at US$179 for the bag and an additional US$49 for the flap. Crumpler is also a good option, maily because I don’t want a bag that’s all black. BORING!!! I think the best in terms of functionality is Lowepro. I like the beltpacks, specifically the off road and the off trail bags. The backpacks are also cool. I like the micro trekker bags. I just hope other colors are available here, like red or blue. Last but definitely not the least is the Tamrac camera bags. I like the Velocity 7x (model 5767) or 8x (model 5768) and the Travel Pack 71 (model 5371). I don’t need a huge bag. Just enough to hold maybe two detached lenses, plus my external flash on top of the main camera with attached lens. I prefer a bit of color in my bags – red or blue, anything but plain black.
Jewelry – nothing really fancy. Maybe a silver bracelet from Tiffany and Co. I hope they have this, this or this at Rustan’s. Or maybe a pair of silver earrings from Charriol to match my bracelet.
This is wishful thinking but I also want some Canon lenses – a 10-22mm Ultra Wide Angle lens, or a 18-200mm IS lens.
Another wishful thinking – a female Chihuahua puppy from a reputable breeder, not from a pet shop. 😀 I’d love to have another dog, one I can bring to our condo. It’s not practical though, since we already have three adorable dogs. Maybe next year then.
I got most of the items in my list except the jewelry. Who cares about the jewelry when I got everything else?!

I already posted about Cain who joined our family last Monday. Today, I got the camera bag (I opted for a boring black and grey Tamrac Velocity 5 bag. The 7x and 8x are way TOO big! The Velocity 5 is a shoulder bag that’s convertible to a belt bag – I’d rather have the weight on my waist than on my shoulders. It is compatible with the Modular Accessory System which enables me to add accessories like extra lens cases, water bottle carrier, phone case, etc. I can easily take this when we go on our outdoor activities (I’ll probably get two water bottle carriers for this purpose). Best of all, it’s great value for money! Far cheaper than everything else on my list.

And then, the mother of all gifts!!! I opted for the Sigma 17-200mm OS Camera. It’s tons cheaper than Canon and well, I’m not exactly an expert so I am not picky…yet. Thanks HONEY!!!

Now it’s time to focus my attention on getting my hubby’s gift. He wants an HP Mini now. 😀
It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Written by Alby Laran

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