Our family of four humans (Ariel, myself and two helpers) and three furry friends welcomed our newest baby yesterday.

Meet CAIN. He’s a two and a half month old cream teacup poodle and he’s just the most adorable puppy ever. Look at those puppy eyes. He’s only 7 inches tall and about 9 inches long.

I was a bit worried about how he would adjust to his new environment. When I took him home yesterday, he slept throughout the drive home. When we got home, he started playing with everyone! So cute! I specially love it when he wags his inch-long tail. After playing for a bit, we gave him dinner – two tablespoons of dog food mixed with a bit of milk. He finished his food quickly and pooped on a sheet of old newspaper. Yup, he’s potty trained!

Can’t wait to buy him clothes and accessories! But he’s gorgeous just the way he is. Look at him! Welcome home Cain!

People ask me why we named hi Cain. No reason in particular. I would have named him Mr. Big after Chris Noth’s character in Sex and the City but he looked more like a Cain to me so Cain it is!

Written by Alby Laran

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