I like going to Visual Creations. It’s not just the yummy stuff I see there all the time. I also enjoy going through Mitch’s sample albums because I learn so much every time – and I end up buying stuff she used in her samples – very clever Mitch!

Anyway, a few weeks back, I got a text message from Mitch asking if I’d be interested to join a class using Beeswax. Of course I agreed, since it’s an opportunity to learn something new. So, on Nov. 21, I drove all the way from Cavite to attend her class. There were 8 “students”, one person I haven’t met, one I hardly see, and 6 old timers including myself. The class did not disappoint! Tons of techniques!

I thought the P1,500 I paid (inclusive of dinner) was well worth it given the kit and the new techniques I learned. I finished most of the techniques during the class ( I left at 11:30pm!) but I completed the album at home the following day (after our weekend crop). Here’s my mini – an album I did for my brother and his wife.

This is the cover. The waxy thing on the lower-right corner is beeswax. The wax was melted in the Melting Pot (another ploy to lure me into buying the equipment – it worked Mitch!) and then brushed on the album cover. Before it dried, I stamped a pattern onto the wax. Cool!!!

Here’s a close up shot. It’s so pretty! I’m glad I painted the chipboard brown because the pattern really showed through.

Oh, and this key is made of UTEE. Mitch and Cabbie used a molding clay to do this (of course I had to get one, too!).

This is the first spread. The pattern on the right was done by spraying Adirondack distress ink on top of a flourish chipboard.

Then I used the sprayed on flourish here. Oh, the left pages of the entire album was painted with 3 shades of acrylic. I painted the entire chipboard with a shade of acrylic. Then I applied petroleum jelly on some portions of the chipboard. I applied a second coat of watery paint. Then when dry, I wiped off the petroleum jelly. It didn’t turn out great so I repeated the process using another shade of acrylic. It turned out better this time. Next time, I will try totally contrasting bright colors. That’s what CV did and it rocked!

I love the little windows in this Maya Road Chipboard album (I had to get an extra for my own album! What a loser!) On the right side, I used a sheet of Prima transparency. I positioned the flower to fit the window on the right chipboard.

The other side of the transparency – I used flowers and rubons to embellish it.

The flower on the transparency shows through the window in the next page.

The tile with a letter “e” on the right side was pounded with a distressing hammer, distressed further with ink, and then brushed with beeswax.

The littler frame on the left side was painted with crackle paint and then brushed with beeswax.

The frames on both sides where sprayed with two shades of Radiant Rain.

The little frame on the left side of the page matched the other side of the chipboard in terms of size. I also sprayed it with Radiant Rain.

I adhered a photo on both sides of the transparency.

I filled the window with melted beeswax and then adhered all the elements on the hot wax.

There you go! Can’t wait to get the melting pot and beeswax from Mitch! I ordered a few days after the workshop, after much mental debate. 😀 I have a transformer ready at home!

Can’t wait to play!

Written by Alby Laran

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  1. cabbie lopez December 3, 2008 at 7:34 am Reply

    beautifullllll, alby. this loaded mini is surely loaded with creativity! i love the way you incorporate the details and the design!keep up the great work.

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