Hubby is already asking me for my Christmas wishlist. Up until yesterday, I had no idea what to ask. On the other hand, he had been bugging me for these:
Guitar hard case for his Ovation
Nothing else at this point! I need more choices!!!

And these are the items in my list. Choose wisely honey!
A camera bag – I actually liked the ShootSac. But it’s mainly for lenses. Karen Russell, a photographer-scrapper, blogged about it here and I liked the idea of interchangeable covers/flap. It’s kikay and I get to choose one that fits my mood for the day. It’s quite pricey at US$179 for the bag and an additional US$49 for the flap. Crumpler is also a good option, maily because I don’t want a bag that’s all black. BORING!!! I think the best in terms of functionality is Lowepro. I like the beltpacks, specifically the off road and the off trail bags. The backpacks are also cool. I like the micro trekker bags. I just hope other colors are available here, like red or blue. Last but definitely not the least is the Tamrac camera bags. I like the Velocity 7x (model 5767) or 8x (model 5768) and the Travel Pack 71 (model 5371). I don’t need a huge bag. Just enough to hold maybe two detached lenses, plus my external flash on top of the main camera with attached lens. I prefer a bit of color in my bags – red or blue, anything but plain black.

Jewelry – nothing really fancy. Maybe a silver bracelet from Tiffany and Co. I hope they have this, this or this at Rustan’s. Or maybe a pair of silver earrings from Charriol to match my bracelet.

This is wishful thinking but I also want some Canon lenses – a 10-22mm Ultra Wide Angle lens, or a 18-200mm IS lens.

Another wishful thinking – a female Chihuahua puppy from a reputable breeder, not from a pet shop. 😀 I’d love to have another dog, one I can bring to our condo. It’s not practical though, since we already have three adorable dogs. Maybe next year then.

That’s it for now. I may add to the list when I think of something else. 😀

Written by Alby Laran

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