A few posts ago, I wrote about joining Jessica Sprague’s Stories in Hand class. It was a very interesting class and the prompts really helped me remember my stories. In fact, last weekend, I visited my parents and dug up old letters from my old room. I realized how much I loved exchanging snail mails! And best of all, I got a glimpse of my life during my early 20s (not so long ago, mind you!).

Here is the binder for the class. I downloaded all the digital elements and the prompts, printed them and collated them into this binder. Of course I had to add my personal touch so I used ribbons, felt flowers, metal charms and bling to make this mine. I used raw chipboard for the covers. Once I’ve adhered the papers, I smeared the edges with blue paint.

Here is the binder again, this time, showing the tabs for the different categories. I have yet to interview my parents to get to know more about my roots.

Here’s a little notebook for us to take notes while gathering our stories. The print for the cover was provided by Jessica. I adhered the print on raw chipboard, and then I smeared blue paint on the edges, just like in the main binder. I also added a bit of bling to unify it with the binder.

Here’s the inside of the notebook. Instead of using a single jump ring, I used the Bind It All to, well, bind the notebook. It’s so pretty! I love the colors and the prints.

Ok, I’m now off to capture more stories. I’ve decided I’m doing Ali Edwards’ December Dailies. That will give me 25 stories til Christmas day!

Written by Alby Laran

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