I wasn’t impressed when I got my first copy of Take Ten from Bookoto. I thought it was totally not my style – vintage-style cards made with vintage-patterned stamps.

A few months later, I picked up my old mag and took a second look. That really opened my eyes and I started to appreciate the value of this mag. So, I logged into Bookoto to purchase a new issue.

This came last Monday.

I love it!!!

My favorite section is “A Different Point of View”. This section shows you how to use ONE stamp to create SEVERAL cards – different designs, different occasions. This is definitely a great resource to help me use my stamps! I mean, those stamps, specially the wood-mounted ones, don’t come cheap. And I figure, I have to create at least 4 cards using each stamp to really maximize its value.

I also enjoyed going through the “Design Challenge Results”. I am inspired by how several, and I mean several, card makers interpret one design.

The “Variation on a Theme” is also awesome. This section features different cards made under one theme.

What I love most is that all cards come with “how to’s”. When I browse through magazines, I sometimes marvel at projects and find myself asking “how did she do that?”. Well, this mag definitely answers that question. Each card sample comes with details on how the card was made. It makes me want to go and make a card right away!

So, if you’re into stamping and/or card-making, this magazine is really a rich source of information and inspiration.

I will definitely save up for the next issue!

Written by Alby Laran

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    Hello Alby. I added your blog review here: http://www.bookoto.com/product_reviews_info.php?products_id=939&reviews_id=18

    Thank you!!!!

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