Rub-Ons have graced my scrap-shopping carts for quite some time already, though I tend to use them sparingly in my layouts. I usually just buy the alpha sets, though swirls and flourishes also find their way to my scrap table. Recently though, I have been using rub-ons more and more, and I’ve been buying a variety of designs and colors. So, it was then that I discovered that not all rub-ons are the same. Some are a breeze to use – American Crafts and Daisy D’s have been my favorite so far. Others are a big pain in the neck. Fancy Pants have some of the most beautiful designs around but they are VERY difficult to work with. Unfortunately, I’ve already hoarded a couple of sheets before I discovered that they are not very scrapper-friendly.


Then a friend gave me the American Crafts Rub-On Tool. Big help, but it still is not THE ONE. I’ve seen the BG Rub-On Roller in the magazines but I first read a real-consumer testimonial over at Ali Edwards’ blog. Since then, I’ve been lusting after this elusive tool. Whenever it would go on stock, I’d have a mental debate on whether I should get one. My AC tool does the job after all, save for a little sore arm after tackling an FP rub-on sheet. My “sensible” side always wins (re: grab some other scrapping stuff!). However, triggered by a recent struggle with one of my beautiful FB Rub-On sheets, I finally relented and actually brought home my BG Rub-On Roller last Friday night (after another mental debate!). I immediately worked on a project and used about 75% of a sheet of FP Rub-Ons.
What can I say? I guess I’ll be buying FP Rub-Ons again – as soon as my current stash is used up. BG Rub-On Roller is indeed THE ANSWER to my rub-on woes!
The American Crafts Transfer Tool would be a good runner up.
Written by Alby Laran


  1. Alby October 15, 2008 at 10:09 am Reply

    Bjay, the BG Rub-On Roller is P400 at Memory Lane Store. The AC Transfer Tool is a gift so I don't know how much it is. I think Visual Creations carry this.

    Or you can buy the AC Minimarks rub-ons and get plastic version of the AC Transfer tool for free. Sulit yung Rub-Ons!

  2. pigmentations October 15, 2008 at 9:49 am Reply

    sis, magkano ba ang mga ito? looking for a decent rub-on tool too. nakakabali kasi ako ng posicle stick that comes with the sheets eh.

    I saw some sa joann. com. pero di ko type.

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