A day after I got back from Bohol, we went up to Baguio with my side of the family. We drove North bright and early Saturday morning, leaving behind news of typhoon Frank’s devastation in the South.

My parents, brother and his wife joined us, as well as our helper, Malou. I booked the Coke Baguio House last year, originally for January of this year for Ariel’s birthday. However, I had to postpone because of work, and I was lucky to get another slot.

It was meant to be a relaxing trip so we didn’t do anything “adventurous” and just visited the same old attractions. It was my SIL’s first time in Baguio so even the “same olds” were new to her.

I’ve been to Camp John Hay a lot of times but it was my first time in the Butterfly Garden. I met Mr. Caterpillar…

…and peeped through the bushes to see this girl in the pond.

Ariel and I shared sweet Kodak moments (actually they were Canon moments!).

I also took lots of flower shots (I didn’t have my 50mm yet!).

And we did goof off a bit. Ok, maybe a lot but I’m only sharing one goofy photo!

And the hands belong to…I actually can’t remember!

Lunch at Cafe by the Ruins – all I remember is that it was TOO COLD!!!

Took this shot through the windshield, on the way home.

I love driving through a canopy of trees!

A leisurely lunch at Isdaan. The food wasn’t spectacular actually, but the ambiance is great, and it’s my family’s first time so they really enjoyed it.

Written by Alby Laran

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