To say that this week’s concept is challenging is really an understatement. It was almost impossible for me. Since I can only create over the weekend, I actually had just three days to come up with my entry.

Then we had a bit of a family crisis. My hubby was very much troubled. I realized that when something is bothering him, it bothers me as well. Alas, while my hubby was away last Saturday to sort things out with his family and he graciously left me at home so I can work on my entry, I just couldn’t come up with anything. I was in a creative rut. I had a concept in my mind. I knew I was going to create items for a craft-tail party and even had a rhyming invite in mind (thought about that the day before), but I just didn’t know how to execute. I already had the stamped images of my party girl and the patterned papers were out. No inspiration. I started browsing scrappy mags hoping to get a spark of inspiration. Nada. So, after lunch, I just took a long nap. I woke up and still no idea. I decided to stop thinking about it and just concentrate on other stuff. Saturday passed me by in a blur. I had the privilege of a long weekend and I wasted one good day.

On Sunday, things worked out well on the family front, so hubby was happy again. With it, came a sudden gush of inspiration for my entry. So, at 9am, I started working. I finished the front page of my invite as well as the coaster. By noon, I was ready to leave and go to Church (2pm service). No more scrapping for me the rest of the day as hubby and I celebrated our 112th monthsary in Tagaytay. We had dinner at Fire Lake Grill and coffee and dessert at Bag of Beans. Happy day.

By Monday, I knew I was already cramming. Had to finish two more party elements, plus the inside of my card which was the most challenging because it had to be pop up. I worked on my project the whole day. By the time I finished, it was 9pm. No more chance to take photos under natural light. No more time to style my entries. I just took photos fit for submission and I was done!

I was happy with my entry but I was shocked (and humbled) when I saw what everyone else came up with. Amazing projects! I couldn’t say which was done by a newbie and which was done by a veteran. Hmmm…with this level of talent, I wonder how long I will last.

Anyway, feast your eyes on this and be amazed at how talented the Filipino scrappers are.

Written by Alby Laran

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