When I first got exposed to blogging, my initial thought was that bloggers are weird. Readers of blogs are even more weird. Why would people write about their thoughts and feelings for the world to see? And who bothers to read them? Little did I know that in a few months’ time, I’d be joining the sisterhood of the weirdos. Yup, I decided to join in the blogwagon. And here I am now joining www.bookoto.com‘s blog challenge.

This blog is about my favorite hobby – scrapbooking. I created this blog because I thought this would be a good venue to share my layouts with friends and family. Additionally, it would be a good way to practice my writing skills. That’s why I make it a point to not just post the layouts and the materials used but also to write a bit about the experience of making the layout and even share what the layout is all about. After all, I don’t just scrap for the sake of making a layout. I scrap because I want to remember my life’s stories.

Getting started was easy since there are a lot of free blog sites available. When I first signed up, I had to think of a name right there and then. I knew this blog will be about my hobby – scrapbooking. Also, I scrap mostly about my experiences – my travels and adventures with hubby, my wishes, fears, etc. Scrapbooking is a way to document bits and pieces of my life. Thus, Scrap My Life was born.

I started with a basic template available in the layout option of Blogger. Eventually, I created my own header and even added widgets. The current header was created a few weeks ago when I accidentally deleted my template and messed up my blog. Since I was trying to restore the look of my blog anyway, I thought I’d change the template to a 3-column blog and add a new header. Since this is a scrapping blog and I use this to showcase my work, I thought I’d just use my layouts for the header. So there, my header shows some of my favorite layouts. Other than that, I just added the fonts – FG Maria and Calibri. I simply opened all the photos of my layouts in Photoshop and dragged them into my header file. Then I added two layers for the title – one for the main blog name and another for the brief description. It was very easy to put together. No complicated techniques here. I want to keep the clean and simple look of this blog which would also describe most of my layouts.

As my hobby evolved into something more than just scrapbook pages, so did the content of this blog. Eventually I also started posting my cards, altered art, photos and even book reviews – but all of them still connected to scrapbooking. I just love this hobby!

Written by Alby Laran

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