November 11, 2007. 10:45 am. While my fellow Pinoyscrapbookers are starting to get together for our monthly eb, I am typing away a blog entry to kill time with The Bone Collector on the VCD player. Instead of joining the eb, I am confined to my bedroom, nursing a bad cramp and trying to get a heavy menstrual flow under control. I’ve been looking forward to this eb. I prepared the lumpiang shanghai way in advance so all I have to do is fry and pack them. I finished my name tag yesterday (kudos to Cabbie for a fun idea!), and made sure I have some cash for a bit of shopping. I packed my Memory Makers magazine to swap with Ch, as well as some basic tools, and my Anthologie album (which I love to bits!) and I’m almost set to go.

That was until 5am this morning, when I woke up writhing in pain. Actually, I anticipated it. My 2nd day is always the worst. But at 5am in the morning, all I could think of is how I wish it would go away in time for me to go to the eb, though part of me knew I won’t make it. It’s not the pain. Advil would easily take care of that. It’s the unusually heavy flow that will keep me away from today’s activities. Oh well.

Anyway, since I couldn’t go to the eb and show off my cute name tag, I thought I’d share it online. I worked on it yesterday. I wanted it to have an unusual shape – a flower, a circle, a coffee mug – anything but a square or rectangle. Then I thought, what shape would I like to wear proudly that will also go well with my outfit? Why, a bag of course! Here it is:

Front View

Back view – Journaling on Why I Scrap

Isn’t it cute? It has a real pocket up front. Just unbutton and open the flap and you access the bag – perfect for small notes. There’s also a pocket at the back. This bag comes as close as possible to the real thing. I even added some charms as is the trend nowadays. Cool huh?!

Materials used:
CS – Bazzil, PPS – DCWV, Ribbon – MM, thread – DMC, Chipboard – Craft Express, Paint – MM Paint Dabber, Diamond Glaze, Stamp – Fontwerks, Mac Font – Jacki’s Hand, Others – rickrack, buttons, charms, fiber, beads

Written by Alby Laran

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  1. Christine November 15, 2007 at 6:35 pm Reply

    love that name tag bag!!! what a clever idea, Alby!!! too bad I wasn't able to see you last Sunday! hope you're feeling better!

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