When I finally finished my Round 4 layout Sunday morning, I looked at it and told myself that “this will have to do”. That pronouncement sealed my fate. So, while I had been hoping to go further in this competition, I was not surprised at all when I didn’t see my picture in the top 18 participants last night. While going through the entries which were posted Thursday afternoon, I knew my layout would be in the bottom three. I already told some of my friends, as well as my hubby, “katapusan ko na ito”. Looking at the other entries, I just knew that this round, others are more deserving to be in the top 18. Sad but not defeated. I’m happy enough to have gone this far. I’m happy to have scrapped 5 weeks in a row without buying new supplies – yes, I just used stuff that I already have.

Seeing the challenge for the week, I immediately knew it will have to be my Mac, and I knew my title will be “Mac My Day”. I actually loved that concept. Unfortunately, I faltered in the execution. For one, I couldn’t get a decent picture. We’ve had an overcast weather the whole Saturday and there wasn’t enough natural light to go by. Using the flash is out of the question as the Mac’s white surface will just reflect the light. It was already late afternoon when I finally got a good shot. So I now have a photo, but how would my layout look like?

By dinnertime, I still didn’t know what to do. For the first time since I joined the competition, I am in a creative rut. I tried to sketch but nothing came out of my head. I knew I’d like to put in some elements like the white Mac logo but I couldn’t put the page together. I’ve wasted lots of papers (I’ve cut, adhered, and threw away at least 3 cardstock and at least 2 patterned papers) as I was not satisfied with the look of my initial attempts. By midnight, I had to “settle” with the look I came up with. I painted the chipboards and went to bed thinking that I just need to emboss them the next day. I did finish my layout by Sunday morning. I liked it but something was missing. I didn’t stop hoping that I might somehow make it but well, you can’t get everything you want every time.

So, how do I feel? Of course I am saddened that I am no longer in the race, though I was actually dreading the showdown at the Scrapfest. It’s one thing to rush my layout at home where I have access to all my tools and materials. It’s a completely different story when I’m in a venue full of talented scrappers with only as much materials as I can carry in a reasonably-sized bag. It’s been a blast nonetheless. I enjoyed the weekly challenge and the anticipation of who stays in the game. I loved the fact that I get to scrap weekly. I am thankful for the new ideas (like using monochromatic schemes, using fabrics, etc.). So thank Scrappin’ Moms for an awesome experience.

I am thankful for my friends who never fail to boost my confidence. To quote one of my colleagues after I told her this morning that I’m out of the game, “to me, you’re still a winner”. How can I ask for more?

Last and certainly not least, I am thankful for my number one fan, Ariel. I thank God for having a loving hubby who supported me all the way. Even as I was texting him yesterday afternoon that it could be my last hurrah, he kept encouraging me and telling me that he believes in me. More than anything, I thank him for selflessly giving me some alone time on weekends, even if that’s the only space in our hectic work-life when we can actually spend some quality time together. Through it all, I never heard a single complaint. Thanks honey!

So, would I still join Idol if Scrappin’ Moms decide to do it again in the future? You bet I would!!! Can’t wait!

Written by Alby Laran


  1. Christine September 10, 2007 at 4:15 am Reply

    Hi, Alby! I am equally saddened by the turn of events, but please know that you do beautiful work! I will look forward to your future pages!

    Thanks for sharing your mini album yesterday – I enjoyed going through it :)

  2. Lee i. September 8, 2007 at 4:20 am Reply

    Hey, Alby. I think you did more than what you initially intended – to make at least one LO a week. You made GREAT LOs each week! Can't wait to see your take on the next challenges.

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