It wasn’t an easy challenge. Well, it won’t be called a “challenge” if it wasn’t “challenging”! LOL. What I meant was I never altered before. I’ve beautified (like wrapping shoeboxes in Cartolina so my shoe storage would look nice), but never altered an item to change its reason for being (my shoeboxes are still shoeboxes).

As soon as I read the Round 3 challenge, at the week hours of Friday morning, images flashed through my mind. Tabo to desk organizers. Hanger to memo or photo holder. Trash bin to magazine rack. Empty mayo bottles to ribbon organizers ( I have lots of mayo bottles!). These were my last few thoughts before drifting off to a deep slumber. Fortunately, I had lunch the following day with a colleague who is also a talented artist (one of her paintings hang in my office and one at home), and she threw some ideas at me. One of her suggestions was to create an electric lamp using a cookie jar. The term “electric” got me turned off but I liked the lamp idea and I thought I’ll just make candle lamps from what else…my mayo bottles!!! And so, at around noon of Friday, August 23rd, my round 3 idea was born.

Other than thinking of which item to alter into what, my next big challenge is incorporating 4 non-scrapping materials. Well, I thought this was difficult at first but it turned out to be easier than I thought. Some materials will be inevitably used to complete my concept – like the wire (for hanging) and the metal rods (for the chimes), jump ring (also for the hanging mechanism), aluminum foil, to hold the candle and to add sparkle in the chimes. I also used a smaller mayo bottle cap to hold the candle. Come to think of it the candle is another non-scrapping material. Also, while paint is generally a scrapping material, glass paint isn’t. So that should count too. Plus the relief outliner. (The glass paint and relief outliner was purchased in Singapore 6 years ago!!!) Well, it doesn’t matter. I met the minimum requirement of four non-scrapping materials.

Anyway, I loved the outcome. Why haven’t I thought of altering before?!!! It would have been a great recycling project. Hmm…now I am eyeing all our empty mayo bottles. You can view my mayo bottle lamp/chimes here (other views – body, beaded wire, chimes, lighted)

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Donna is Pick of the Week, again!!! View her chopping board turned key and bills holder here. That’s two in a row. Not counting the other accolades this girl is bagging here and there. Congratulations Donna!

My best wishes to all the participants. You’re all so talented. It’s such an honor just to have my work on the same page as yours.

Written by Alby Laran

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